About Us

Srashtaa Software is established in 2010. It is a software development company. We employ highly qualified software development engineers; however, as a UK and India registered company, we can provide our clients with the security and operational development framework they require


Srashtaa Software Solutions is your ideal partner for the development of IT solutions. The mission of Srashtaa Software Solutions is to utilize cutting edge technology to offer reliable and efficient business application solutions, and consulting for the communications, corporate, financial and securities industry.

We have developed a range of solutions and gained ample experience in the services we offer: Custom Software Development, E-commerce Solutions Development, E-learning Solutions Development, Web development, Legacy Applications Reconstruction,Project Recovery, Consulting, Quality Assurance.

What We Do

We Do Deliver on our Promises, Always. As one size doesn’t fit all we settled down for customized packages of products and services – You order and We Cater. Our scope of services aims at design, function and marketing. We address your professional and technical needs and deliver client specific and also web specific services:

  • Social Media Marketing – Page views and page ranks – is that your concern? We are a big picture social media marketing company, you can trust us with diverting relevant and fast traffic towards your site thereby popularizing your product. We make sure that you reap the optimum benefits of social media marketing
  • Monitoring – Monitoring your website is a gigantic task but we are here to provide you with round the clock support
  • Research – We here do a thorough research before designing websites. We spend  a lot of time researching and deliver outputs based on quality research
  • Technology Services – At NIS Solutions we combine a deep understanding of our clients industries with unrivalled technology and business expertise, creating solutions that consistently exceed expectations and deliver business goals.
  • SEO – NIS SEO experts put their best foot forward to come up with the most suitable solution for you
  • Staffing and Outsourcing – Organizations of all sizes are being forced to either downsize their workforce, or place increasing requirements on existing staff, unable to hire to balance the work load. We can help share your problem. Whether your needs require - short or mid-term, temporary, or project-specific staffing support, we will work with you to create sure your staffing needs are met cost-effectively.
  • Website development – Web development is again a very crucial task and we could do it for you sidetracking all jolts and blockades
  • Data base service – Reach us for a Power-Presentation
  • Hosting – We also help with hosting
  • Cloud computing – With cloud computing in our kitty, we can help you run your business without spending a fortune on infrastructure