Data Recovery

This site is simply a convenient guide to the various local and online services that provide data recovery providers, hard drive repairs, backup software applications and computer forensics to individuals and organizations.

The process of data recovery essentially means taking files that were once damaged or damaged due to either natural disasters, hardware failures, virus attacks, user errors or software errors and repairing or retrieving the data in those files. As the instances of hacking and virus cases escalate, so will the number of people needing help with their data.

The accessibility of organizations providing recovery services and software spans a wide range from large firms to small shops and from totally dedicated shops to firms providing a broad array of computer-related products and services. One good thing to keep in mind − many of these companies will only charge you if they are successful in recovering some data. If they can’t help you with your data problem, you usually don’t have to pay. In most situations, the greater part of the data is recoverable, so don’t automatically assume that your data can't be recovered. The ballpark average percentage of profitable retrievals is in the 80-90% range.