Industry Vertical

Industry vertical consultants create industry-specific solutions for SKR Solutions clients. They focus on the planning and development of integrated systems running SKR technology. Acting as a SKR liaison, industry consultants provide a single point of contact to the customer. We look for consulting professionals with technical and industry-specific expertise in different areas of the business world. Your expertise and creative ideas can translate into myriad opportunities in the following industry verticals :

Financial Services :

Provides strategic approaches in the banking, insurance, and financial (capital markets) arenas.

Public Sector :

Serves federal, state and local governments, as well as education customers (K-12 and higher), and military bases.

Telecommunications :

Delivers consulting services to network operators and other major telecommunications providers; key issues include customer care, call center, and mobility solutions.

Retail :

Identifies, assigns, and directs Microsoft Consulting in delivering services to the retail sales industry.

Healthcare :

Identifies solutions organizations and physicians, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, government and private-sector employers, health payers, and consumers.

Manufacturing :

Provides strategic approaches to major manufacturing accounts.