Out Sourceing

There are several companies which provide outsourcing responsibilities to India. Most of these companies fit to the market sectors and industries such as finance, banking, information technology, and business results and so on. Some of the leading companies are:

Mastek Minimal: It is a premier P-CMM Level 3 and SW-CMM Level 5 company which offers outsourcing techniques in a number of sectors like finance, banking, analytics, and statigic planning and so on. It has been in operations since two decades.

Orcim Soft, Inc.: It offers a major portion of outsourcing jobs to India in various sectors. The main areas of expertise include software development, solutions in information technology and so on. The company has offices in various countries like United Kingdom, US and so on.

In addition to these, there are lots of other recognized companies outsourcing to India. Well known worldwide banks and financial organizations like CITIBANK, JP Morgan, GE Capital and lots more are outsourcing their products and services to India. In case of software solutions, IT leaders like IBM, Microsoft and others provide outsourcing solutions. These companies even have their offices in various cities of India. Some of the main domestic players in the industry of outsourcing are Wipro, Infosys and so on.