Software Development

srashtaa software's remarkable product development services, personalized process-driven software solutions, and our global reputation harnessing the best talent in India and around multiple continents - translate into great products that enable a reasonably competitive edge.

Software As A Service

Product or service development is more than technological innovation software, it involves changing the market by having a true pulse of the market's needs. Srashtaa Software utilizes expert product managers, software architects and offshore product developers who are experts around software platforms including Microsoft.Net, ASP.Net, HTML5, Java and PHP, making Srashtaa Software a serious product development partner for those who are serious about building an IT driven business. At srashtaa software, we carry out every aspect of your product development project: from the software preparation and architecture, the design and UI, integration and rendering, testing and quality assurance to training and deployment. Our sizable and talented offshore development team in India can assist your business in the development and development of your software product on a entire basis.

Our Technologies: